Filmed on a budget of £160 in May 2012, Dysmorphia marked Andy's first film project. 

The film premiered at Manchester's Grimmfest in 2012 and has been called "Quite possibly the greatest short film we have ever seen" by Canadian twin horror directors, Jen & Sylvia Soska. Dysmorphia was also labelled a "showstopper" by Fangoria Magazine. 

The film went on to play many festivals around the world, winning multiple awards for Best Short and Best FX, despite the entire FX budget only being £10. 

Dysmorphia also picked up a reputation for causing viewers to faint or vomit at several film festivals and the film 
can now be viewed, FREE OF CHARGE, on Eli Roth's Crypt TV. 

Dysmorphia was produced by Adriana Polito's Stay Curious Productions. 

Written & Directed by: Andy Stewart
Producer(s): Adriana Polito
Cast: Gordon Holliday
Cinematography: Paul-John Ross
Sound: David McKeitch
Editor: Paul-John Ross

A dark tale of love, loss and separation, "Dysmorphia" charts one man's quest to "better" himself...by any means necessary.