Mannequins is a co-production between ourselves at Blistered Pictures and Glasgow-based writer/director/producer/editor/composer David Malcolm of
Random Elements .  

A unique take on the scourge of "Hollywood Beautiful" actors in genre cinema, with a unique upending of genre tropes, Mannequins promises to be one of the most interesting and intriguing short film projects of recent years. 

Mannequins was shot on Digital Bolex in May 2017 and is currently in post-production

Written & Directed by: David Malcolm
Producer(s): Andy Stewart
Cast: Austin Hayden, Alyssa Wininger, Emmaclaire Brightlyn, Oliver Timpson, Nicolette McKeown
Cinematography: Hannes Johansson
Sound: David McKeitch
Editor: David Malcolm

"Four teenage friends are on their way to the woods, for fun, for cheap laughs...and scares. Where they are going, where they have been, just isn't anything they've ever seen. You can't run, you can't hide, you can't scream..."