In late 2015, Andy was approached by twin horror filmmakers, Jen & Sylvia Soska (American Mary, See No Evil 2) and asked to be one of the first male filmmakers to contribute to the annual Blood Drive PSA for the 7th Women In Horror Month, to raise awareness of the necessity to donate blood. 

Sanguinis Domini saw long-time collaborator Jim Lang take on cinematography duties and the project was once again co-produced in association with
Dark Comedy Productions

The entire PSA, including our 1 minute segment, premiered in February 2016 and can be seen at the video link below. 

Written & Directed by: Andy Stewart
Producer(s): Remo Catani, David Malcolm, Tom Moriarty, Susan Ferraro-Gardetto
Cast: Tessa Campbell, Liesl Brown, Natalie Sinclair, Karen Murray, Gordon Holliday
Cinematography: Jim Lang
Sound: David McKeitch
Editor: Jim Lang

Blood. It is essential. Donate today. Appease the Master.