Andy followed up Dysmorphia in August 2013 with his second body horror short, Split

An allegorical tale for the corrosive nature of guilt, Split features stomach-churning practical make-up effects by Glasgow-based FX artist, Grant Mason. 

Split was reviewed as "a superb piece of body-horror" by Starburst Magazine, ""pro-grade stuff" by Dread Central and "a toe curling, grotesque masterpiece' by Horror Talk. 

Split went on to play at more festivals and win further awards, most notably for the FX work. 

Written & Directed by: Andy Stewart
Producer(s): Chris Goldie, Gordon Holliday
Cast: Austin Hayden, Shian Denovan
Cinematography: Mark Boggis
Sound: David McKeitch
Editor: Jim Lang

Split is an analysis of the dynamic in a dysfunctional relationship, tarnished by lies and guilt. In the tradition of films such as The Fly and The Incredible Melting Man, Split explores an extreme physical response to guilt that will turn one man’s life upside down.